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...Our mission is to build a better world for our children and future generations, and that is why we continue to develop the environment consciously...
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MUSING BUD Spółka z o. o. Spółka Jawna

is a construction company with its area of expertise covering comprehensive services intended for completion of civil engineering, water and sewage engineering, road engineering, and construction of industrial buildings.

For many years, we have sustained responsible and successful business concept and skilfully combine tradition with modern technology for the purpose of perfecting quality of provided services.

The board of our company formulates its strategy clearly and precisely. Such strategy defines our organisation’s model and view as well as its goals.

We tend to take up integrated activities focused on long-term generation of profit to secure our future in an optimal manner and provide means for new investments.

We continue to raise internal culture of our organisation. Well-educated management and technical staff with top professional qualifications shows great teamwork and responsibility, and its emotional competences and creativity ensure adaptation to fluctuating conditions.

The best recommendation for our credibility is a list of projects and undertakings completed all over the country. Many years of experience gained as a result of such undertakings confirms top quality and reliability of our company.

Continuous development and perfecting of personal skills, good organisation of construction processes and owned machine park with modern machinery allow us to meet any expectation of the Client, whether more or less technically complex, and ensure top satisfaction of our Customers and Partners.

If you decide to cooperate with us, we assure you our performance will be timely and reliable, and we will establish unique bond at the highest level.

We are carrying out


MUSING BUD Sp. z o.o.
Spółka Jawna
(before Musing Bud Sp. z o.o., Sp. K.)

ul. Sanatoryjna 5
70-775 Szczecin

Phone: (+48) 91 431 72 70
Fax: (+48) 91 431 72 71

KRS   0000909355
REGON   811 130 189
NIP   852-20-65-215
Bank account
mBank S.A. - OK Szczecin:
PLN: 48 1140 1137 0000 3932 4100 1001
EUR: 26 1140 1137 0000 3932 4100 1009
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