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About us


zdjęcie The MUSING BUD Spółka z o. o. Sp. K. company originates from another German company, Anton Müsing GmbH & Co KG located in Westorverledingen – Ihrhove, Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony), which may boast its history reaching far back to 1930s.

That company was established by Anton Müsing. He was the person who modelled its spirit and sustained its best values. Through all his life, he attempted to bestow to next generations any tradition which became a symbol of quality and modernity for the next decades of company’s life.

At the beginning, the company performed typical land irrigation works. Upon time, it transformed into a construction company able to perform wide range of works.

In January 1957, the company changed its name to Anton Müsing OHG, with participation of Anton Müsing and members of his family: Beta Eden, Anna Venema, Ewald Eden, and Berenda Müsing.

zdjęcie In November 1969, the company transformed to Anton Müsing KG, and Ewald Eden and Günter van Allen became its shareholders. In June 1972, the company finally changed its status to GmbH & Co KG.

Through the entire life, the company developed intensely, extending its business to another German lands. While a development strategy was realised, the company kept an eye on attractive Eastern markets.

Within this period, due to dynamic development of construction service market in Poland, the Board of the Anton Müsing GmbH & Co KG company decided to open independent company branch in Szczecin in 1997.

The entire business of the company in Poland, which took up a name of Müsing Sp. z o. o, has been put under supervision of Waldemar Kozik who used his experience gained in Germany and created a new team, supporting it with his knowledge and professionalism.

zdjęcie At the end of 90s, sudden collapse of construction industry in Germany struck economic condition of the Anton Müsing GmbH & Co KG Group off balance. In 2004, the mother company faced serious problems which resulted in controlled sale of affiliates.

In spite of generally unfavourable trends within the Group, the Müsing Sp. z o. o. company in Poland developed stably and safely. Therefore, in 2006, two proxies of Müsing Sp. z o. o. at that time, Waldemar Kozik and Günter van Allen, succeeded in gaining favour and trust of the sellers, and bought out 100% shares of the company.

Two years later, Günter van Allen sold his shares to his partner and friend, Waldemar Kozik, who is the only shareholder of the company until now.

In another years, Musing Sp. z o. o in Szczecin, as an independent company, gradually transformed into a modern enterprise, gaining trust among the industry entities, and winning larger and more complex construction contracts.

In line with economic trend, in 2014 the company transformed into a limited partnership (spółka komandytowa/PL) MUSING BUD Sp. z o.o. Sp. K., where General Partner is Musing Bud Sp. z o.o., and Limited Partner is Waldemar Kozik.

Today, MUSING BUD Sp. z o.o. Sp. K. continues a management tradition initiated by Anton Musing and looks firmly to the future, realising its own, ambitious development strategy.

Climbing the ladder of economic development, and supported by proper leadership, we pursue our goal and we calmly await tomorrow.


MUSING BUD Sp. z o.o.
Spółka Komandytowa
(before Müsing Sp. z o.o.)

ul. Sanatoryjna 5
70-775 Szczecin

Phone: (+48) 91 431 72 70
Fax: (+48) 91 431 72 71

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REGON   811 130 189
NIP   852-20-65-215
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mBank S.A. - OK Szczecin:
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